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History of Bad Parties

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In my youth years, I felt I had to take the opportunities I got to meet people and go to parties so that I could say (if asked) that I had been to a party fairly recently. It was my impression that young people who didn’t go to parties were losers, and I didn’t want to be one of those, at least not that obviously.
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Becoming an adult – Part 1: the beginning

The following is an autobiographic story/sociological essay. Although it is a true story, it is by no means a full story. It is a narrative that focusses on a specific pattern, branching off other perspectives to try to highlight just that aspect.

The theme is relative poverty, normality and social success criteria. Here under awareness of others’ perspectives, control over appearance, ‘fitting in’, and social skills.

My mom often reminded me that we were poor. It didn’t make any sense to me, because poor was something that starving kids in Africa were. In my view it definitely didn’t apply to us. We had all we needed, our living standard was just lower than most peoples’ we knew. Our things were either very old or very cheap, but perfectly functional (mostly).

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No Yes! I got the job!

My last post was about not getting the job as a Research Interviewer. Now I got it anyway!

What are the odds of being called back and offered a job after first being rejected? They called me again and asked if I am still interested. The lady said that they have more work in my area and have reconsidered what I said about being fine with the risks and interviewing people with different socio-economic backgrounds. Yay! I start training next week!

Preparation & probation

The preparation requirements and planning (which I have already received in writing) are thought through and fair and well organised, as everything seems to be with this organisation.

There is a questionnaire to hand in by the start of the course. It seems to be a sort of exam in the organisation’s values and the character and duties of the job. I’ll also need pass photos and a ‘fit for work certificate’ from my GP this week.

The formal job offer will be given by the end of the seven day training course. As is the norm in Australia, the first 3 months of the job is a probation period where I can get sacked without any specific reason and virtually no notice. So the job isn’t secure as such, but this is a start, and an income… which is a great improvement since last week.

Preliminary worries

With this success on board, I have started to worry about the training. Not the training itself, but the seven days of social challenges.
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