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Dead tired

Dead tired after a 2.7 hours work day (interviews, admin and driving)… That is not a typo. And the day followed a good night’s 14 hours of sleep*. I hope I’ll be able to improve my stamina a bit.



The research interviewer role is a hyper flexible part time work. The flexibility means, primarily, that the interviewer has to work around the respondents schedules and be willing to work whenever it suits respondents – any time and day.

Interviewers do have a fair bit of freedom to decide suitable days and times of day to recruit households and conduct the short interviews. The employer expects to see variety in the times of day for the visits to maximise the chance of catching all respondents at home, but apart from that the scheduling is open.

I work a few hours per day on most days of the week, locally, and I guess that is a nice soft way to get used to work regularly again. A few hours in a row; flexible; independent; no workplace politics. Although, soft start or not, coming home feels post-marathon like**.
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My work history briefly, Part III: The Office

I landed my first (and so far last) white-collar job in Sydney. I processed documentation for shipments of meat, veggies and dairy products from Australian producers to organisations in the hospitality industries of SE Asia and the Middle East, organised production and logistics and liaised with clients, suppliers, freight forwarders, quarantine authorities e.t.c.


Australian beef

Walking to work, as I blended into the flows of people in corporate outfits below monumental office high rise buildings, I felt like a camouflaged spy from an alien planet. I wore a corporate outfit too (at least in my own opinion), so maybe I looked indistinguishable in the crowd. Maybe everybody feel like spies in such a crowd, while they try to pretend that they are genuinely corporate.
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