Journaling ‘Project Daisy’

This is a series that follows a small freelance project from prospect to after-support. The job was to enable e-shopping functionality on a retail website, improve website copy and product descriptions, trouble shoot / consult and upload/adjust supplied product photos as required. The project was undertaken off-line, based locally in Australia and acquired through word-of-mouth.

  1. New online store prospect: ‘Project Daisy’
  2. First client meeting and the time management dilemma
  3. Play the pricing game
  4. Non-verbal communication in a business meeting
  5. Freelance project wrap-up
  6. Freelance project support: fixing issues

Additional post with tips for handling sensory difficulties related to client communication: Project Daisy revisited: coping tools for non-verbal aspects of a business meeting in a cafe.


Flower (head) on blue background

All specifics cleaned / blurred to make sure business and projects can not be identified.


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