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This blog is meant to be about employment challenges: about infiltrating workplaces via job search (occasionally); how that worked out; observations from workplaces and business models; dissecting chronic underemployment entrapment; overcoming unemployment (hopefully), and dabbling in self-employment.

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My work history goes through something like 30 – 40 jobs, and includes farm work – in piggeries (in a variety of production systems), with dairy cattle, field work and machinery stations; an electronics factory; bartender; working in aged and handicap care; in kindergardens; fast food preparation; sound recording for video productions; export documentation, data collection, and other, mostly odd, jobs.

Most of my jobs were somewhat random, they were what I could get at the time, and mostly didn’t last long (the longest job ever lasted 3 years part time). There was never a career plan or something like that, it was mostly about hanging on to whatever I could get, as long as it could last, or as long as I could cope.

Life has happened in a step by step kind of process where each step made sense considering where I was at the time, but in hindsight it seems like an ant’s seemingly frantic, directionless path. My choice of education too was driven by the logic of needing to move on from where I was at the time, making use of what I had already done, rather than passion or long term life planning.

In a similar half-random manner, I ended up in Australia, far from my native Scandinavia. I’m here on tenth year and counting – now Australian citizen and happily married, but still perplexingly clueless about how to be a real adult.

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Looking back in time, I had to move on to new places a lot because I didn’t fit in; I was the outsider who was tolerated and perhaps liked by some, but never quite “One of Us”. I’d start afresh in a new place, hoping that my history of being a chronic stranger would not repeat, but predictably gravitated towards social isolation until I reached the Point of No Return where I had to give up, or was pushed out. Depressions accumulated. Late in life, my mysterious social defect (as I saw it) found a name: Asperger’s Syndrome.

The blog’s name “History of Bad Parties” reflects my dislike of parties, dinners and other crowded social situations, mostly due to background noise sensitivity. Sensory differences has shaped my life in many ways, from long before I was able to name what it was, as I’ve worked my ways around social barriers and ended up in strange places.

I’ve seen something and learned something everywhere I’ve been. The vision of this blog is to try to make meaningful use of some of that – develop insights, bring stories to life.

PS. This is an anonymous blog. If you know me, please do not mention/hint/sing/broadcast (etc) my real name. Thank you