Liebster Award

In January, I was tagged by 2 great bloggers – Musings of an Aspie and Aspie Writer – with the Liebster Award. Thank you for the honour!

The Liebster* Award is one of these peer recognition social networking chain-awards that aims to promote blogs and expand the neural networks of the Blogosphere.


Liebster blog award


The Liebster Award rules are:

1. Give 11 random facts about me.

2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger gave me

3. Make 11 new questions for the people I tag to answer.

4. Tag 11 blogs that are new or have less than 200 followers**.


  1. I love to walk bare feet on nice surfaces and can get sort of high from foot massage
  2. When there’s no one around (except my husband), I use my feet sort of like helping hands to pick things up and help holding when I need an extra hand. I wonder if everybody else do too, and just restrain from it when there are people around, or if they can’t
  3. I can also rock my ears back and forth. I remember trying hard to learn to do it when I was a kid
  4. I like to drive in snow storm, and I think I’m good at it. That is not useful in Australia.
  5. There is a water-living micro organism that carries my last name. It is named after my grand dad’s brother, who was a marine biologist and discovered the thing
  6. My worst ever winter was when I worked as a farm assistant with free range pigs in Denmark in minus 20 Celsius. It took hours to unfreeze the water and hack ice every day in order to water the sows and before we were finished, the first troughs were frozen again. My boss and I were both unwell with flu, and it was impossible to get casuals because there was a flu epidemic
  7. The longest vehicle (sort of) I have driven was a tractor with 3 trailers after; two with straw bales and the third carrying a BobCat. It was my job to collect square bales from various places, and I was terrified of making a small navigation mistake, since I could’t reverse my long ‘train’. Surprisingly (given that I generally get lost easily), it didn’t happen.
  8. The highest I have been in the air (not counting aeroplanes) was flying over Rio de Janeiro in a tourist tandem Hang Glider – over jungle, high rises and roads, then landing on a beach.
  9. When I was 6, in the 70s, my family and I spent a couple of months living aboard a container ship (my dad’s workplace), sailing to Africa and return over the Atlantic Ocean
  10. When I have to walk in a crowd, I prefer to go alongside a wall, keep good distance and look aloof to avoid crash collisions with people, because I find it hard to predict if people who walk towards me will go left or right around me.
  11. I find the loading-animation on my Google Nexus 7 computer tablet (the glowing colour cross) calmly fascinating – Quite unwinding, actually




  1. What book are you currently reading? I recently finished Temple Grandin’s ‘Animals in Translation’ and think I’ll reread it, so I guess that counts as ‘currently reading’
  2. What hobby or interest would people who don’t know you well be surprised to learn you have? Autism/Asperger’s is the only topic I’ve researched without ever sharing anything about it on my Facebook profile, so that topic of interest would surprise people I know offline but perhaps not readers of my blog (although I don’t write about it)
  3. Coffee, tea or something else? Coffee.
  4. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Breathing under water (Reliably)
  5. What’s your go-to activity for entertaining out-of-town guests? We have our first out-of-town guest right now: my cousin. We took him to Church and had him play the drums … We needed a drummer.
  6. If you could have any sort of animal for a pet, what would it be? (assume anything is possible, like if you want a pet giraffe, your neighbors won’t mind a bit) A dog.
  7. Do you have any phobias? Beetles, surgery-like situations, involuntary loss of consciousness such as Epilepsy, and brain tumours. These things trigger sensations I associate with phobia (irrational, physical panic sensations)
  8. When did you start writing? I don’t remember when I started to literally write words, but I learned the alphabet when I started in school, and then started to write my own stories
  9. Which Halloween candy did you eat first and which did you always give/throw away? I haven’t lived in a country with Halloween, so I must give this one a pass
  10. How far away from your place of birth do you currently live? Approximately 16040.000 km ‘as the crow flies’***, according to Free Map Tools
  11. If someone is only going to read one thing on your blog, what would you like it to be? Maybe Memories – Someone We’ll Never Know about my favourite movie Moon 2009.


  1. What is your favorite book? The Psychology of War made a strong impression on me
  2. If you could be a character in a book, or on a TV show who would it be? A marine animal in a documentary about deep diving, secretly studying human underwater behaviour;-)
  3. If you could have one super-power, what would it be? What would you do with it? Breathing under water. I would use it to explore the ocean and maybe chat up a humpback whale;-)
  4. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be? My little toes are slightly deformed, so I would take the opportunity to get that fixed
  5. How do you relax? How do you unwind? My favourite unwinding activities are writing, reading or/and communicating on the Internet, and other creative and/or knowledge building pursuits, but they require long stretches of solitaire time, which isn’t always available. Running, swimming, listening to music, playing with and/or training the dogs, and singing are other relaxing activities. If I’m really stressed then only basic, tactile things help – like foot massage, a warm bath, humming, singing, lying down, rocking, feeling the touch of things, and my big dog resting on my chest are great stress relievers
  6. Where would you go on your dream vacation (money is no object)? Since money is no object, I would like a return trip to a Space station and see Earth from the outside
  7. What did you want to be when you grew up? Why? Inventor. My brother and I had a big colourful children’s cartoon-like book about occupations, and the one that sounded most fun was inventor, so that was what we both wanted to be.
  8. You blog—why? Current purpose: a place where I can explain complex thoughts/experiences with all the time I need (a lot;-). Originally, the plan was to use it for sharing underwater photos. Mados is a species of fish (in plural).
  9. When you chose a topic to write about, do you chose something you think others want to know about, or just whatever is on your mind at the time? What is on my mind, but I consider its relevance to others and try to frame it so it can be useful
  10. How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging fairly actively for a few years this time around. I started my first blog in 2004 but spent most of the time playing with the layout (on Blogspot, where there is free access to the code)
  11. If you could live in a different time, a different place, a different era—where/when would it be? I would like to try living in several eras of the past and future, and then find ways to connect the knowledge/understanding across the different times. If I can only choose one, then the present is probably one of the most interesting times in history.



  1. If you were to do a research project (no limitations, all resources provided), what would be its title and subject area?
  2. Do you have a formal degree/education – and what is it?
  3. What is the worst job you ever had, and why?
  4. If you had the chance to travel to another planet and return, which planet would you go to (not considering risk and travel time)?
  5. If you and everybody you knew were to leave Earth on a generational spaceship and never return, which 3 words would best summarise your feelings about life on Earth?
  6. Who is your favourite author?
  7. Have you ever thought of starting, or actually started, your own business – or undertaken freelance work?
  8. What is your preferred balance between solitude and socialising (including with close family, but pets don’t count) – as a general ‘rule of thumb’, in percent?
  9. How do you prefer to socialise most of the time – Online or Offline?
  10. Has blogging helped you to develop as a person or change your life in a positive direction?
  11. Which advice would you like to give new bloggers?

11 BLOGGERS I’M TAGGING**** (and why):

  1. The Daily Headache. Ashana is a fantastic writer, who writes incredible insightfully and personally about the causes and impacts of Evil
  2. The Shyness Project. Brittany created a strength out of a vulnerability, and her blog is full of inspiring strategies to overcoming social anxiety
  3. Bug Girl. Smart & entertaining blog about insects and social media
  4. Allen Fiction. David Allen’s fiction practice blog – Great little stories, lovely writing style
  5. Marie’s Bageri. Marie writes a reflective and insightful sort-of-diary which I wish everybody could read, but it is in Danish language, so… Her English-language blog is good too (but young). She can choose to use the Liebster Award for either of them.
  6. Aspergers and Me. Lovely blog by Andraya about aspects of Asperger’s from a female perspective
  7. Aspertypical. Excellent blog about female adult asperger’s from a personal & professional angle by a psychology graduate
  8. Maja Toudal’s Video Log Channel on YouTube (The AnMish). Video diaries, including a great series about Maja’s childhood school history growing up with undiagnosed Asperger’s
  9. Springtiger. Rory writes a thoughtful blog about culture, society, self development, autism advocacy and other issues on his mind
  10. Platform 25. ‘One individual’s journey with adult autism and ADHD’ spiced with interesting, sceptical reflections on Internet culture
  11. The Dancing Professor. Lively blog about a young professor’s interests in culture, teaching, language, classic literature, dance and everyday life
  12. Grumpy Rumblings of the Half Tenured. I am not 100% sure about the central theme of Nicole & Maggie’s blog, which seems to evolve around household-financial tricks and parenting, but I like the way they think (rigourous, well informed) and write (entertaining)

That’s it!

*It means ‘Dearest’ in German according to Google Translate

** I guess this rule is more like a loose guideline than a rule, since there is no way of counting other blogs’ followers. (disclaimer: there are of course various ways to work that out, but the effort involved wouldn’t be appropriate for the purpose of this blog-tag-game)

*** Probably too far for crows to fly, though;-)

****My rule: I won’t tag bloggers whom I’ve already tagged with The Versatile Blogger Award, or who have been tagged recently with this or a similar award (if I’m aware of it)


20 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Ashana M

    On the walking thing, watch their eyes. What people do when they guess they are about to crash into someone is look in the direction they themselves intend to travel. (The other person does the same thing.) If they both happen to look in the same direction, they try again. Just a tip.


    1. Mados

      Hm… I know what you mean, but in the context of crowds there are just too many eyes to keep an eye on, constantly shifting… that is too exhausting. What works best for me is to look away from people (‘look aloof’… I hope that is a grammatically correct expression), thereby forcing them to walk around me… but that is of course quite selfish.

      Anyway, it isn’t always a problem, it depends on crowdedness, how much people rush, the setting, traffic culture et.c….


  2. brittany220

    Thank you Mados for the recognition! As for using your feet to pick up things, I used to do this a lot when I was younger and my mom made a little jingle about how I have “talented toes”. 🙂


  3. springingtiger

    Hi Mados, I’ll answer questions tomorrow, for now an ME throat says I must rest. I too am a sucker for s foot massage, when doing my NLP in Brighton I loved walking barefoot on the pebbles on the beach. Thanks for thinking of me.


    1. Mados

      Don’t worry, I took it out:-)

      Probably I would get a panic attack if I really was about to leave Earth, even for a short vacation… but I love the idea of seeing Earth from the outside, from the distance… That must be so amazing. And after all, we DO all live in Space. Most of the time we just ignore it because Earth has all we need (except an answer to the question ‘Are there other forms of life than Earth life?), and it is not necessary to let the bigger picture in. I would like to experience that kick of realism, just once… to see Earth from the outside and sense Space all around, just because it is really all around all the time.


  4. Marie

    Thanks Mados for tagging me! I suppose I can’t tag you back though I’d like to. It was great to read your replies and the random facts. I kept pronouncing your blogger-name in Danish (‘cooking-smell’), so I was happy to learn the true meaning 🙂

    I will use my English-language blog for this Liebster thing.



    1. Mados

      I laughed when I read your comment, and regret my choice of blogger-name… That is right, I have used it only in an English speaking context and didn’t consider that it has a meaning in Danish (and not a very relevant or flattering one).


  5. trophos

    I haven’t thanked you yet, but I have been appreciating finding myself listed up there. Thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for the recommendations of other blogs I should read too! (Also I’m flattered to be called ‘lively’ – it’s all the blue language, isn’t it? ;))


      1. trophos

        You sent me on a whole – and really fun – adventure trying to find the origin of that phrase! As you found, it just means cursing, really. Nobody seems to know it’s origins for real, but there’s a folk etymology tying it to the early 19th Parisian printing houses’ habit of printing illicit and erotic material on blue paper (almost certainly false, and probably a Britishism associating the French with naughtiness). Language can also come in a “blue streak,” but then it means not cursing so much as just talking a lot, and quickly. That one is tied (again, probably apocryphally) to blue lightning (which is apparently a specific type of lightning that is unusually fast, but I didn’t really follow up on that one). Blue in general gets tied to bad things of various sorts in English – feeling blue, blue laws (well, I think they’re bad anyhow), bluestockings – the last, interestingly, signified any educated and erudite person at first (first recorded use is 1608), then, as it was increasingly applied to women, increasingly came to signify frumpiness or stuffiness.


        (and I only used it to jokingly imply that you were using ‘lively’ as a euphemism for my predilection for a certain adjective beginning with ‘f’)


    1. Mados

      Online Dictionary says:

      Moby Thesaurus words for “blue language”: bad language, billingsgate, colorful language, cursing, cussing, dirty language, dirty talk, dysphemism, evil speaking, filth, filthy language, foul language, obscenity, profane swearing, profanity, ribaldry, scatology, strong language, swearing, unparliamentary language, unrepeatable expressions, vile language, vulgar language.

      but I don’t understand the connection…


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