Fairy Tale World of Ants

The photographic series ‘the Fantasy World of Ants’ by Andrey Pavlov is a visual reminder of just how fascinating this planet is. The ants in Pavlov’s dramatic fairy tale landscapes are real and alive, photographed while strategically lured to pose in the artistic set-ups. Due to ants’ natural curiosity it wasn’t too hard to get them to participate, according to Pavlov*. So here they are, posing in human fantasy dramas while they carry on with their natural ant pursuits.


Artwork with ants and tall thorny stems
Who needs fictive thrillers when the world is inundated with epic life-and death dramas … just take a walk outside and look down

I spotted Pavlov’s photo series in a G+ update by Alexander Walbersdorf this morning. It immediately stroke a philosophical note due to recent elaborate comment discussions on the posts ‘Ants‘ and ‘I killed Him‘ by Sensoryoverload2012 (me being the elaborate one, as usual;-).

My world view: fellow creatures are incredible fascinating upon a close look, even when they are small and insecty. Ants form advances societies and live out dramatic adventures every day while they go about their jobs**. Look at Pavlov’s photographic artwork and understand how fascinating small worlds can be! 🙂


Pavlov’s photos can be purchased online via his artist profile on Depositphotos.

If you read this post while it is fresh, many more of Andrey Pavlov’s ant photos can also be seen on Alexander Walbersdorf’s G+ profile.


*Interview in Daily Mail Online 6 March 2012: Antsy fantasy: Russian photographer creates a fairytale world with obliging insects

**Of course I’m anthropomorphising … what else can I do, I’m just human.

Ps. I shouldn’t post so many images in one post, however this one pesters me to be shared too:



5 thoughts on “Fairy Tale World of Ants

  1. A Quiet Week

    I actually have a horror of ants, their oily jointed bodies seem sinister and dangerous. Yet, these photos reflect an infinite sweetness, a celebration of life and its wonders.

    Thank you for the finely written article and visual treat! I will look twice at the little critters as they skitter across the lawn! 🙂


    1. Mados

      Thank you Lori.

      Insects are horrific and fascinating… Fascinating because the world they live in is so different (I think of it as almost prehistoric-like different and non-human), yet it is the same world! Horrific because their reality seems so alien, merciless and fragmented (they don’t have an overview and can relate to only fragments of things and bigger creatures … I think). Of course that isn’t horrific for them, it is just life.

      Pavlov captures the essence of the horror in his photos and dramatise it in a cute way… but it is only cute because they are so much smaller than us!



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