Goal #1: Make a proper income

Earn enough to pay my fair share of the bills and stop panicking about payments

My income target for 2012 is $18,000 (more is better, of course!). That is about half of a typical lower-middle office salary in Australia; and in the extreme upper end of what’s realistic for me to earn as it is, I think.

I’ll try any way I can… cleaning, newspaper delivery, whatever work is available that I can do… and try to ditch any sense of embarrassment about my high education and how I am not using it.

floor mop

To make the goal more actionable I will:

  • set monthly income objectives starting from April. Since I suspect and hope that ‘unemployment inertia’ is part of the problem, the monthly targets will start low and gradually increase over the course of the year.
  • use this blog to reflect about job search attempts and work experiences. Hopefully that will be motivating. Blogging is a good chance to transform potentially dreadful experiences into good stories with an insight to share.



2 thoughts on “Goal #1: Make a proper income

  1. A Quiet Week

    Good paln. I understand the frustration of being overqualified and over-educated for some work. Yet, my happiest job was filing for the graduate school. If I couldn’t file, I’d clean houses. I love to clean and my brain can wander.

    I hope you find a deserving position speedliy. 🙂


    1. Mados

      Thank you for your input:-)

      I am not so good at cleaning (too slow – was sacked once because of that). However, I will happily do it to pay the bills, it isn’t problematic work. I like practical work too (like farm work – have done quite a lot of that:-).

      I prefer work that can be finished, like a project can. It gives a sense of conclusion and achievement regardless what the work is. Cleaning, filing tends to be ongoing, never-ending (re-starting every so often). It depends how big proportion of a day’s time is spent on it; a few hours a day would be great, and calming.

      Ps. What is a paln? (is it a typo?)



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