What is said VS what is meant

The hilarious Anglo-EU Translation Guide outlines what the British mean VS what others think they mean (I suspect it applies to Australia as well).

Very funny – and elegant illustration of the fact that words often don’t mean what they appear to mean.


Anglo-EU Translation Guide

Anglo-EU Translation Guide

Re-blogged from Confusion with language by Missing Jigsaws & Excess Lego.



4 thoughts on “What is said VS what is meant

  1. Lori D.

    Ha! I love it!

    That very cleverly illustrates whyy I have trouble reading between the lines. Somebody deleted a few lines of code in my brain so I tend to take things literally, in a cheery way! 🙂


    1. Mados

      Thank you for your nice compliment!

      I would love to Scuba dive and wanted to take Open Water Certificate but couldn’t pass the medical clearance so no, unfortunately Scuba isn’t an option. All my underwater photos are taken just during breath hold a few meters under the surface, or from the surface with snorkel… which is great too…

      Thank you for reminding me of the fun of underwater photography… Maybe I should get my UW camera out again soon.



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